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Eating Disorders

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Influence of Eating Disorders & Who are affected

The influence of eating disorders is evident on adolescents because nowadays there is the lack of education about eating disorders/health awareness and most young adolescents feel the need to “fit in” and conform to whatever is the fad or fashion. 


Today the influences of celebrities is a major factor to many adolescents as they are looked upon as idols and want to become what they are and then want to change the way they dress, talk, diet, and look similarly to their favorite celebrity.



Eating disorders mostly affect females (90%-95%), yet in a study taken by the Harvard Medical School, 25% of males have an eating disorder today.   
Eating disorders affect females more than males due to the “standards” that are “set” for the way females should look. 
Today more adolescent girls focus on what they see from movies, magazines, and pictures and the perception is that skinny girls receive more attention and more beautiful. 
Not all adolescent girls with eating disorders are due to media, some are due to being involved with sports such as, ballet and gymnastics.

One thing in common all of these adolescent girls have are self-image issues and the feeling that they are not good enough or look good enough.      


Information about eating disorders for kids, teens, and adults.
By: Susan Yi & Jake Nantz